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The Roggendorf 


Roggendorf School of Nail & Lash prides itself on being professional and running a school of high quality and expectations. Because of this we expect that all students will read over the student expectations outlined below to ensure that they can adhere to these guidelines. There are certain circumstances that Roggendorf School of Hairdressing and Nails considers unacceptable, which will result in further action. The school categorizes these infractions as Gross Misconduct and Minor Misconduct.



New student orientation is happy with a positive attitude for learning.
Be a team player.
Be well organized.
Be responsible for the health condition of your station and the floor.
Be self-motivated.
Be punctual and reliable.
Be friendly and respectful to your clients.
Clean up thoroughly before school closing.
Always sign in/out of school.
Be adequate to meet course objectives.
Respect your fellow students as well as the instructor.
Handle all school equipment with respect and care.
No aggressive attitudes allowed.
Show courtesy to your fellow students, ask before borrowing equipment.
Clean up before and after whenever done with the client.
Keep sink area clean at all times.

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